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Think tank pushes retirement protections - FT Adviser

    The latest report by Centre for Policy Studies' pensions expert Michael Johnson proposes "auto-protection" at private pension age to better protect pensioners.

    The report, which was covered by the FT Adviser, follows on from a 2010 CPS reports which argued for liberalisation of pensions which were picked up by the government and came into effect in 2015.

    The article outlines the report:

    "The think tank has suggested auto-protection would substantially reduce exposure to financial risks later in life, including premature exhaustion of savings, and would help protect the state from having to intervene in such a situation.

    Auto-protection would have two components – “auto-drawdown” at private pension age and “auto-annuitisation” of residual pots at age 80.

    Auto-drawdown would mean the saver would switch at pension age to income drawdown default of between 4 per cent and 6 per cent of savings a year."

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    Date added: Tuesday 21st March 2017