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Press Releases

  • Royal Mail pensions plans "a risk too far" says Johnson

    A new report from Michael Johnson cautions against CDC schemes because of the system risks creating irreversible inter-generational injustice by overpaying pensioners at the expense of current and future employees.
  • Democratic crisis requires urgent action

    Laws covering both political campaigning and the structure and transparency of government must be changed to restore public faith in democracy, according to a new report by Matt Warman MP that argues both the appearance and the reality of government must change to address real public concerns about a crisis of confidence in democracy.
    Democratic crisis requires urgent action
  • New polling shows crisis of faith in democracy

    New polling shows public awareness of and faith in elected officials is appallingly low, fuelling a feeling of powerlessness that risks damaging mainstream politics. It clearly sets out the problems facing politicians who need to engage the public in their ideas if they are to truly govern by consent.
    New polling shows crisis of faith in democracy
  • NHS pay system not fit for purpose

    New analysis from the Centre for Policy Studies shows the NHS pay structure is opaque, outmoded, and rising nearly three times as fast as claimed.

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