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A month of political fudge and indecision

Public Choice Theory advances the idea that politicians and officials are likely to develop public policy based on their own self-interest, rather than being motivated by the so-called “common good”. A handful of political developments over the past fortnight – domestic and European – appears to support this theory. The persistence of the Eurozone crisis, the re-commitment to ring-fencing certain items of public expenditure, the delayed decision on UK airport expansion and local authority opposition to shale development all seem to be influenced, at least in some part, by public figures putting their own immediate self-interest ahead of the common good. 

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Daniel Mahoney & Tim Knox - Friday 11th December 2015

Daniel joined the Centre for Policy Studies as Head of Economic Research in November 2015. He was promoted to Deputy Director in March 2017. Prior to joining the CPS, he worked in research roles for a number of parliamentarians.

Tim Knox was Director of the CPS from 2011-2017. Before he was Director, Tim was the Editor at the CPS - a position in which he was responsible for publishing papers by every Conservative leader since Mrs Thatcher as well as by hundreds of leading academics and opinion formers.