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A Pensions and Savings Manifesto

In a new paper "A Pensions and Savings Manifesto", published Tuesday 2 May 2017 by the Centre for Policy Studies, Michael Johnson outlines some pensions- and savings-related policy proposals for political parties to consider for their General Election manifestos.

The policy proposals embrace the pursuit of simplification, transparency, and fairness, both intra- and inter-generational.

The paper puts forward proposals in eight broad strands.

  1. Restructure the incentives to save.
  2. Raise the private pension age to 60.
  3. Enhance the Lifetime ISA.
  4. A Workplace ISA to reinforce automatic enrolment.
  5. Introduce auto-protection.
  6. Liberate the National Employment Savings Trust.
  7. Seed a Sovereign Wealth Fund with LGPS assets.
  8. Other proposals.

Michael Johnson - Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Michael trained with JP Morgan in New York and, after 21 years in investment banking, joined Towers Watson, the actuarial consultants. Subsequently he was responsible for the running of David Cameron’s Economic Competitiveness Policy Group.