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Our research aims to develop popular, practical tax reforms that will put more money in people’s pockets and promote stronger economic growth. We also want to bring down the cost of living, with policies that make markets more competitive and put consumer interests first.

Tax and cost of living

The Centre for Policy Studies wants Britain to have a tax system that is simple, fair, and pro-growth. And although there have been some encouraging moves on tax policy in recent years – the corporation tax rate has gone down, the personal allowance has gone up, and savers have benefited from more generous ISAs – there is still a lot of work to be done.

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Business and enterprise

Business is the wealth generator of the UK, and small and family businesses are the often neglected heart of the UK economy, with family businesses alone employing nearly four in ten of the UK’s workforce. We propose ways to make the UK an economy all businesses can thrive in.

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Housing and planning

Without home ownership then people can feel that they have no stake in society. With the 2010s seeing the fewest homes built since the 1960s and home ownership stagnating, we set out radical ideas to build more with local consent and to massively increase ownership.

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All too often people in this country feel that if you put in and contribute, you get less than your fair share. We all support a welfare state, but it has to ensure that those who look after themselves and families are rewarded not penalised, and this is at the heart of our welfare work.

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New Generation

The CPS has partnered with a new generation of Conservative MPs to provide radical new thinking about how to tackle the challenges that the UK faces at present. We are the home of new conservative thinking and new positive policies.

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All research

View research from across the entire domestic agenda for the UK.

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