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Could the next Islamic State attacker be a woman?
Devorah Margolin |
Devorah Margolin, manager of the CPS' Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security, discusses the role of woman in IS.
Anne Applebaum: The West needs to regain its ideals
Administrator CPS |
Anne Applebaum: "We need to think harder about why people are attracted to authoritarianism and fanaticism"
#MTSecurity17 speeches and transcripts now available
Emma Revell |
Recordings and transcripts of the panels from the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security are now available
Margaret Thatcher: High Principle Joined to Power Politics
Emma Revell |
Margaret Thatcher remains a model for present-day leaders as they respond to international threats - National Review
Why is no one talking now about the security of the West?
Charles Moore |
Charles Moore bemoans the lack of grand strategic thinking in the West in his Spectator column.
Joseph I. Lieberman |
Senator Lieberman joins the BBC's HARDtalk programme to discuss the possibility of impeachment and why he thinks the Democratic Party is wrong to opposite Trump.
Emma Revell |
Moshe Ya'alon speaks to the BBC's HARDtalk programme about his criticisms of Netanyahu and the future of Palestine.
Emma Revell |
Sir Michael Fallon responds to comments made by Robert Hannigan, former Director of GCHQ, at the Margaret Thatcher Conference.
Emma Revell |
HE Omar Saif Ghobash, UAE Ambassador to Russia, discusses the recent sanctions against Qatar and accusations of funding terrorism.
Omar Saif Ghobash |
HE Omar Saif Ghobash talks to the Guardian's diplomatic editor about the sanctions against Qatar and the funding of terrorist organisations.
Robert Colvile |
Rob Colvile's CapX article following Dr Henry Kissinger's speech at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security, 27 June 2017
Emma Revell |
Oliver Wiseman writes on the future of Western values following the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security, 27 June 2017
Lord Saatchi |
Lord Saatchi writes for CapX on Lady Thatcher's attitude towards security ahead of the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security.
Emma Revell |
Dr. Henry Kissinger believes Brexit could lead to "a new articulation of the Atlantic partnership"
Emma Revell |
Dr Henry Kissinger predicts instability in the West will prolong Russian alienation

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